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  • Dipesh Tiwari, Business Head

How CRM Courses in India are Beneficial to Professionals


In the current times, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) courses have acquired tremendous importance due to global operations of big corporations and rapid growth of e-commerce businesses. CRM is a sphere of study that deals with developing healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with customers and clients. It provides students and professionals with the tools and skills required for cultivating and improving customer relationships of organizations. Providing special treatment and tailormade services to individual customers boosts a company’s credibility and customer-preference tremendously, and that is the main focus of CRM.

Companies and organizations, which have universal customer operations such as banking, travel agencies, internet providers, airline services, business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C), telecommunication operators etc., all have a customer relationship system set up. The jobs available in Customer Relationship Management are highly specialized ones, where only the best talents and highly skilled professionals are recruited.

More and more companies are setting up operations in multiple locations regularly. Most of these businesses provide services over the telephone or online over the internet. This has led to CRM courses gaining high importance over the last few years. Companies that have a wide reach and offer prompt customer services have been seen to attract more investors and emerge as market leaders, which highlights the significance of an organized and structured customer relationship management.

Main Courses and Careers in CRM

The following list provides the mainstays of CRM courses, which are followed worldwide across institutions and universities. The structure and diversity of the courses may, however, vary depending on the duration of the course. The primary courses are:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Services Marketing
  • Sales and Distribution Management
  • CRM in Service Industry
  • B2B Markets and CRM
  • Advanced CRM
  • Marketing Research and E-Business

A complete course in CRM teaches students the required skills that are essential for advancing one’s career prospects in this field. Getting a post-graduation in CRM like MBA, opens up a wide range of job options such as finance, research and consulting in different companies worldwide. A CRM certification allows one to receive high-paying work offers in industries such as finance, banking, sales, legal, insurance, IT, management consulting and manufacturing, to name a few. In India, career opportunities for professionals in the CRM field exist mostly in internet services, banking and e-commerce domains.

There are numerous career paths for students who successfully complete the Customer Relationship Management course. They can pursue various corporate designations like:

  • Manager-Client Servicing
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • CRM Specialist
  • Product Manager
  • Relationship Manager


Dipesh Tiwari, Business Head

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Dipesh has business relationships span across over 50 national and international brands, and the development of web & social apps, corporate & e-Commerce portals and business intelligence tools. He is also take care of Hosting and Technical Support divisions, and manages relationships with RackSpace USA, UK and Singapore.

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