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  • 25/07/2016

How CRMA Asia Helps Businesses Grow?


Customer Relationship Management Academy of Asia (CRMAA) is the home for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience (CX) professionals. It aims to advance the profession and provides programs, resources, and tools that are required. CRMAA changes CRM and CX insights into reality by providing brands and businesses with tools, training and thought the leadership that is needed by them to become entirely customer-centric.

Some of the leading organizations depend on CRMAA for customer-sustenance, growth and performance improvement of their workforce in order to develop a culture of delivering high-quality customer service and client relationships. CRMAA provides its customers with custom-made CRM and CX solutions that are suitable to their needs as well as adhere to the standard best practices of the industry. They bring about quick changes by prioritizing investments, redesigning customer journeys and implementing joint customer relationship and experience strategies.

CRMA Membership

CRM allows all of its business leaders to join Customer Relationship Management Academy of Asia (CRMAA) as a positive contributor and help to catalyze the Asia Inc. through their innovation and excellence. CRMA heartily welcomes passionate people who strive to synergize the new dimensions of CRM and at the same time desire to gain the efficiencies via shareable peer knowledge.

To this effect, CRMAA offers a real-time and dynamic knowledge sharing platform, which is their significant hallmark in the niche, yet important, the segment of ‘Customer Relationship Management’. CRM offers the ‘Membership Concept’ to engage with the best minds, businesses, and brands in order to evolve a comprehensive national and global CRM policy. Any individual who wants to become a smart Customer Relationship Manager is welcome to enter CRMAA.

Certified CRMA Professionals

CRMAA’s basic objective is facilitating clients and members through an advanced level of business consultations, seminars, workshops and specially designed training programs for CRM executives. CRM nurtures an ever-expanding pool of young, experienced and skilled professionals from reputed Asian industries. The pool comprises CRM professionals from units, businesses, companies, vendors and even shareholders from different industries. CRMAA knowledge pool assists the professional development of stakeholders like members and provides support by developing the standards by ongoing evaluations and skill-building.

CRMA provides strategic guidance and advice that are suited for Business Process Management. It also helps members to design and implement tailor-made CRM modules, which are specially customized for their specific needs and which adhere to the standard best practices of the industry. In India, CRMAA isn’t among the numerous academic campuses but they comprise communities of eminent and emergent professionals that have experience, thoughts, and vision to offer.


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