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  • 05/09/2016

  • Dipesh Tiwari, Business Head

CRMA Asia – The Professional Hub for CRM and CX


CRMAA, which stands for Customer Relationship Management Academy of Asia, is considered to be the home for CX (Customer Experience) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) experts and executives. It’s primary objective is to make the profession more progressive by providing professionals with the required tools, programs and resources. Brands and businesses, which want to become customer-centric, engage with CRMAA and see their CX and CRM insights transforming into reality with the help of the training, tools and leadership programs provided by the CRMA platform.

CRMAA guides its customers to achieve growth improvement, performance enhancement as well as customer-sustenance, which helps in developing a culture of superior customer-service and stronger relationships with clients. This is the main reason why some of the leading organizations depend on CRMAA for growth and sustenance. It not only provides tailored CRM and CX solutions but also ensure to adhere to the industry best-practices. It brings about speedy changes by prioritizing investments, executing joint customer relationship and experience strategies, and recreating customer journeys.

Membership at CRMA

All business leaders, experts and executives in CRM, who want to be a positive contributor to their profession and help in catalyzing Asia Incorporate through their excellence and expertise, are permitted to join CRMAA. Passionate and proactive professionals who aim to synergize new dimensions of CRM and gain efficiencies through shareable knowledge are heartily welcomed by CRMA. In view of this, CRMA offers its members a dynamic, real-time knowledge sharing platform, which is an important segment of CRM. CRMA offers membership to interact with the best minds, brands and companies so as to evolve a comprehensive CRM policy on a national and global level.

CRMA-Certified Professionals

CRMA’s main aim is to facilitate businesses and clients through an advanced level of seminars, consultations, workshops and training sessions that have been specifically created for the CRM and CX professionals. There is an ever-growing pool of talented, skilled and experienced professionals from well known industries in Asia, that is nurtured by CRMA. This pool constitutes of different CRM professionals from vendors, companies, shareholders and businesses. The knowledge pool helps the development of stakeholders and offers support by developing the standards based on ongoing evaluations and skill-building. It also assists members in designing and implementing customized CRM modules, which are tailored for the specific needs of each business and also adhere to the industry best-practices.


Dipesh Tiwari, Business Head

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Dipesh has business relationships span across over 50 national and international brands, and the development of web & social apps, corporate & e-Commerce portals and business intelligence tools. He is also take care of Hosting and Technical Support divisions, and manages relationships with RackSpace USA, UK and Singapore.

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