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  • Dipesh Tiwari

CRMAA – Career Defining Online Courses

CRM ASIA Online Courses

The two universities – CRMAA and CX University – jointly offer professional CX certification courses. These courses offer qualifications in the area of Customer Relationship Management as well as Customer Experience. Known as a New Generation Thinking Qualification, the courses are designed for professionals who are customer-sensitive and are seeking to develop and advance international best practices and excellence in business. The CX University in India is a collaboration between US-based CX University and CRMAA. The US-based CX University is an organization for a training and professional development that has been endorsed by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), which is the international organisation for customer experience professionals. The courses are created keeping in mind the six principles of the CXPA. The courses are created keeping in mind the six principles of the CXPA.

The CX online certification courses provide you with access to a wide range of CX knowledge and information ranging from the fundamentals to the best practices. Our Thought Leader Faculty Board is a resource to make sure that we stay on the leading edge of CX knowledge for professionals like you and others. The courses are developed based on the 6-core competencies, which are given as follows:

  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Customer Centric Culture
  • Organizational Adoption & Accountability
  • Experience Design & Improvement
  • Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight & Understanding
  • Metrics, Measurement & ROI

With the growth and spread of the internet of things, we are visualizing a global democratization of information, knowledge, access, and remarkable power shifts which is creating a customer population that is more demanding than before. To add to it, all this is happening at a tremendous speed. This kind of literacy and awareness is building expectations in ways that we had never imagined. Just as we witnessed the flattening of the world due to the infusion of technology, we are witnessing a new flattening, turbocharged by the power of the customer. A new playing field is emerging, where the rules of the game are being defined by customers whose gradual increase in power and influence is placing higher expectations on organizations. Our courses are designed so as to provide you with the most comprehensive CX materials that is delivered to you in the most convenient modality. We have our On-Demand courses, which are basically virtual learning centers where you can explore through the CX material via online course delivery, key CX articles, videos, and hands-on learning activities. The On-Demand courses are listed below for you to explore.

  • CX 501: Customer Experience Strategy

This course introduces candidates to the significance of crafting a customer experience strategy in order to better prepare a competitive company in the market. This course focuses on how the customer experience strategy of companies is well aligned with their brand, technology, processes, people and overall business goals.

  • CX502: Customer Centric Culture

This course will build upon the customer experience strategy course by exploring the development of internal processes that will galvanize an organization’s assets to be customer-focused. In short, it aims to create understanding on how to build a robust and healthy customer centric culture.

  • CX503: Organizational Adoption & Accountability

This course addresses ways to overcome insular cultures, dysfunctional interactions and identifying internal handoffs that can affect customers. The concepts and ideas covered in this course show how to infuse customer centricity in customer facing units and how the back rooms of the organization are critical to success.


Dipesh Tiwari

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