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  • 23/08/2016

  • Dipesh Tiwari, Business Head

CRMAA – For Superior CRM and CX Solutions

CRM Certification Courses - CRM ASIA

CRMAA stands for Customer Relationship Management Academy of Asia. It is the home for professionals working in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CX (Customer Experience) fields. The main objective of CRMAA is to make progress in the professions of CRM and CX by creating a forum or network of professionals. It provides the requisite resources, programs and tools to achieve this objective. CRMAA transforms CRM and CX insights into reality by offering the necessary tools, training and thought leadership to brands and businesses. These resources provided by CRMAA enables the businesses to become totally customer-centric.

Many major organizations are dependent on CRMAA for customer-growth, customer-sustenance and improvement of workforce performance. This helps them to develop a culture of providing superior customer service and also build strong client relationships. CRMAA customers are provided with CRM and CX solutions that are tailor-made to suit their requirements and also abide by the standard industry best practices.

Membership at CRMAA

CRM encourages all its business leaders to join Customer Relationship Management Academy of Asia as a contributor and help in catalyzing the Asia Inc. with their innovative brilliance and excellence. CRMAA wholeheartedly welcomes people who are passionate about synergizing the new dimensions of CRM as well as those who are willing to gain the efficiencies through shareable peer knowledge.

To achieve this, CRMAA provides a knowledge sharing platform, which is real-time and dynamic. This is an important hallmark in the niche segment of Customer Relationship Management. CRM offers the concept of membership to engage with the best brains, companies and brands in order to formulate a comprehensive national and global CRM policy. Any individual who has the desire to be an efficient Customer Relationship Manager is welcome to apply for the CRMAA membership.

CRMAA Certifications for Members

The primary objective of CRMAA is to facilitate clients and members through an advanced level of seminars, business workshops, and consultations and specially created training sessions for CRM professionals. CRMAA strives towards building an ever-expanding resource pool of experienced and skilled individuals from well-known Asian industries. The pool consists of CRM professionals from various different industries who represent businesses, units, companies and even shareholders. This resource pool helps members in their professional development and also lends support by building the standards based on evaluations and skill-development.

CRMAA offers guidance and strategic advice that meet the requirements for Business Process Management. Further, it helps its members to create and execute customized CRM modules for their specific needs, ensuring that they adhere to the standard best-practices of the industry.


Dipesh Tiwari, Business Head

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Dipesh has business relationships span across over 50 national and international brands, and the development of web & social apps, corporate & e-Commerce portals and business intelligence tools. He is also take care of Hosting and Technical Support divisions, and manages relationships with RackSpace USA, UK and Singapore.

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