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  • Things to Learn from Uber’s Superior Customer Experience

  • 01/06/2016

  • Ankit Anand - Manager – Business Development

Things to Learn from Uber’s Superior Customer Experience


In a very short time, Uber has become a household name. The American ride-hailing app was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2009. It is currently available in more than 60 countries and 350 cities globally and is valued at a whopping $62.5 billion, which surpasses other giants like GM and Ford. This rapid ascent of Uber can be attributed to the company’s focus on customer experience. Although the technology used by Uber is superior and excellent, its their customer-centric approach that has made it so popular. Uber continuously enhances its customer experience thereby fostering loyalty and satisfaction among its users. A few things Uber has done right to achieve this are summarized as follows:

Acting on Customer Need

Most of us have faced distressing situations when we had to rush somewhere and there were no cabs to be found. On many occasions cab drivers refuse to take passengers. Sometimes the cab rides turn out to be painfully unsatisfactory with rude drivers and badly maintained, dirty cabs. Some dishonest cabbies would often take longer routes and also create problems about tendering exact change. Uber took into account all these customer grievances and created a product that effectively resolved all these issues.

Maximizing Technology

Anyone who has seen the Uber app knows that it’s different and better than others. Its superior technology makes it very convenient for customers to book cabs and set their pick-up locations. The app also tracks the arrival of the cab in terms of distance and time. The details of the drivers are also provided including their image. Further it allows the driver and passenger to communicate via a secure network, keeping their contact details confidential. Passengers can also inform their friends and family about their location and their route through the app.

Empowering Employees

Uber has a great feature of taking a two-way feedback. Not only are customers asked to rate the drivers, the drivers are also asked to rate their customers. For an unruly customer, a low rating may be provided by the driver, which could result in the customer not getting a ride in the future. This ensures that customers understand the impact of their behaviour and allows Uber to work with only the best customers. This feature makes the Uber partners feel valued and empowered and ensures that both have a first-class riding experience. Uber also allows its drivers-partners to be flexible with their hours thus enabling a great work-life balance.

Giving Importance to Feedback

Not only does Uber take a two-way feedback, it also acts on it appropriately. A driver with a rating less than 4.6 can face grave consequences like losing his account. Uber itself suggests ways to partners to get higher ratings by doing various things like keeping the cab clean, being properly dressed, offering to carry bags etc.

Innovating Continuously

Uber constantly keeps innovating and adding new, better features to its app. It provides users with different riding options like Uber Economy, Uber Business and Uber Carpool that cater to different customers. For example, UberEVENTS allows event organizers and party planners to purchase guest passes for their event attendees.

Giving Importance to Little Things

Uber stands out in taking care of trivial things that further enhance a customer’s experience. From pickup to drop off, every Uber trip is insured. It protects riders, drivers, and even people on the road. Further, any call made to the driver for getting information about location or route is never charged.


Ankit Anand - Manager – Business Development

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Ankit Anand oversees CRMAA's blog and social media marketing program. Before joining CRMAA`s Team, Ankit worked in Education sector. His experience includes managing Profit Centre Operations of business Centers, Strategic Business Planning, New Business Acquisition, Key Account & Customer Relationship Management, Team Management, and Channel Management. Ankit holds a Master degree in Business Administration in International Business & CRM.

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