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Knowledge & Resources

Looking for information on a specific topic? CRMAA’s Knowledge and Resource Center makes it easy for you to find the information needed to help you with your professional growth. Our daily live feed of posts keeps you in touch with the pulse of CRM from a variety of voices and viewpoints.

Case Studies

  • what-indian-customers
    What Indian customers love and hate about customer experience

    Source : LogMeIn India

    The speed with which the phrase “Big Data” went from Ted Talk topic to punch line speaks to the speed with which technology now disrupts legacy business models and marketing disciplines.

  • The-Alarming-State-Of-Indian
    The Alarming State Of Indian Customer Experience

    Source : LogMeIn India

    Improving customer experience is the top priority for business, beating other priorities like generating revenues.

  • Fifth-Quadrant-Credentials
    Fifth Quadrant Credentials

    Source : Fifth Quadrant

    Fifth Quadrant is a Leading Customer Experience Consulting, Research & Design Company.

CRM Articles

  • customer-retention-who-responsibility
    Customer Retention – Who’s Responsibility

    Vinay Bhardwaj

    Focus on getting new customer to pump up market share and increase sale is the prime forte for sales and marketing team of an organisation. Researchers have shown that organisations, in the name of customer retention, (more…)

  • customer-experience-between-the-lines
    21 February 2017
    Customer Experience Between the lines

    Amit Chakrapani

    Remember the shopping experience that didn’t match your expectation last time. While trying to locate the reasons for this poor experience, you will find that may be the gift card or free shopping card presented to you over phone didn’t work though it was loaded to the phone. (more…)

  • delivering-exceptional-customer-service
    21 February 2017
    Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

    Amit Chakrapani

    The company’s values for delivering outstanding customer service has made them multi billion company as in case of Zappos which guarantee to bring exceptional customer service. Business should be made and focused around delivering excellent customer service. (more…)


  • customer-centric-organisation
    The Customer-Centric Organisation
    Source Booz Allen Hamilton

    As the economy moves from recession to expansion, companies are shifting their focus from pruning costs to stimulating growth, particularly organic growth. Launching new products and services is one way of generating organic growth, but this growth is short-lived because competitors almost immediately mimic innovations.

  • sitecore-mobile-eating-world
    Sitecore Mobile Eating World
    Source : Mobile is eating the world

    In May of 2015, Google revealed that mobile search had overtaken desktop search.1 Google’s news meant that more people are searching for information on a mobile device now than on their PCs. How people do so, where they go, and what they hope to accomplish is no longer mirroring how they interact on desktops and laptops.

  • global-customer-service
    Global Customer Service
    Source : OPENTEXT

    Today we are the world leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technology and have the numbers to prove it. With over 100,000 customers in 140 countries, OpenText has become a Fortune 500 company and has earned the trust of the world’s largest and most successful organizations.


  • crmasia-logo-370x200
    Generation CX

    Source : Generation CX

    Generation X or Gen Xers is the name given to the generation of Americans born between 1961 and 1980.

  • 25-skills-for-excellent-customer-service
    25 skills for excellent customer service

    Source : Eye Candy

    Develop these skills to excel in any customer service position, regardless of your responsibility, your industry or the type of customer you are working with each day.

  • road-safety-what-the-indian-customer-wants-and-is-it-enough
    Road Safety – What the Indian Customer Wants and is it enough?

    Source : J.D. Power

    Consumer’s demands for active safety features in their cars have gone up significantly over the past five years indicating increasing acceptance of these safety technologies.


  • 20 Sep 2016
    Open House Sept 14, 2016

    Check out a live recording of a CXU Digital Open House held September 14, 2016. Founder and CEO, Mohamed Latib, hosts the event and shares about CX University’s philosophy, professional development opportunities, and commitment to joining the Customer Experience community in excellence and training.

  • 19 Sep 2016
    How to learn at CXU

    Get to know Dr. Latib, CXU founder and CEO, as he explains what CX University has to offer for professionals or aspiring practitioners of the Customer Experience discipline. See more at

  • 19 Sep 2016
    Customer Experience Training for Executives

    The fastest growing C- level position in recent years is the CXE – Customer eXperience Executive, also known as the CCO – Chief Customer Officer, or the CXO (Chief Xperience Officer). While MBA programs have prepared leaders for accounting, finance, marketing, HR, and operations management, there remained a need for education to design and manage the Customer’s experience.

White/Research Paper

  • driving-growth-customer-centricity
    Driving Growth Through Customer Centricity
    Source : Dunnhumby

    The dunnhumby Customer Centricity Index (CCI) identifies the key drivers behind a customer’s likelihood to buy repeatedly from a particular retailer and their desire to recommend the retailer to friends and family. It establishes a direct link between customer centricity and improved financial performance.

  • digital-the-new-normal-marketing
    Digital: the new normal of Marketing
    Source : KPMG

    I am very happy to present this Report from Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and KPMG, on Digital- The New Normal of Marketing! This Report takes a close look at current state of digitzation in the country and shift of consumers from traditional to digital space.

  • customer-effort-impact-brand-relationship
    Customer Effort and its Impact on Brand Relationship
    Source : Support

    Much of consumer technology is designed to serve a purpose – from
    entertaining to making life easier or more productive – but often the customer
    experience of researching, purchasing, setting up and using technology
    products can be challenging.

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