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Membership and Certifications at CRMAA


Customer Relationship Management Academy of Asia is the abode for professionals working in the domain of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CS (Customer Service) and CX (Customer Experience). CRMAA provides the indispensable resources, training programs and tools to transform the existing CRM and CX strategies by converting the global insights into reality through most advanced assessment tools, training and thought leadership. CRMAA enables the businesses to become totally customer-centric. Many major organizations are dependent on CRMAA for customer-growth, sustainable customer retention and improvement in organisational performance. We assist the organisations to develop a culture of providing superior customer service and also build strong customer relationships.

Membership at CRMAA

CRMAA encourages all the business leaders to join Customer Relationship Management Academy of Asia as a contributor and help as catalyst to develop the best practices and standards of CRM at national level in India. We believe that this network of our members, with their innovative brilliance and excellence, will create an ecosystem to strengthen the customer centric culture among the organisation. CRMAA wholeheartedly welcomes people who are passionate about synergizing the new dimensions of CRM as well as those who are willing to gain the efficiencies through shareable peer knowledge.

The Customer Officer Network (CON)TM of CRMAA provides a real time and dynamic  knowledge sharing and learning platform as an important hallmark in the niche segment of Customer Relationship Management. CON unite and engage with the best brains, companies and brands, in order to formulate a comprehensive national and global CRM measurement and performance standards. The membership will also assist the individuals to become and evolve as an efficient Customer Relationship Manager and various professional development programme are designed to help them grow in their professional life.

CRMAA Certifications

Exceptional service and support is not just a market differentiator; it’s a deciding factor in the purchasing decision of many buyers. Customers are no longer just buying a product, they are buying a solution that meets a need or delivers a specific business result. Ensuring that the solution is functioning and delivering the desired result is critical, and the service and support teams (i.e. customer service, technical support, field service, professional services and customer success) are directly responsible for the customer’s success. Some of the biggest reasons companies fail to deliver on the promise of service excellence include common service problems such as:

1. Lack of a clear service strategy or adoption of industry best practices
2. Poorly defined processes that slow response and resolution times
3. A lack of training programs that each staff to set proper customer expectations
4. Insufficient measures of success to ensure organizational performance
5. Poorly established communications processes that leave customers in limbo
6. Inadequate technology infrastructure to enable efficient service delivery

CRMAA facilitates its members by introducing exclusive advanced level of business workshops and specially crafted training and certification programmes in collaboration with CX University, Loyalty Academy, Service Quality Institute, Service Strategies, Arizona State University and Customer Experience Academy. CRMAA is committed towards building an ever-expanding resource pool of experienced and skilled individuals from this domain and business area.



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