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About Us

Customer Relationship Management Academy of Asia is a global Not-for-Profit Organization formulated for offering guidance and support in accelerating further consistent growth of the ever-growing field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRMAA brings together a forum for like-minded professionals focused towards advancing the concept and applications of Customer Relationship Management in multiple industries for strengthening their CRM strategy. We envisages to help professionals for growth in their career by establishing CRM as a recognized, well-understood and admired discipline. As a collective body, we aim to create a vibrant opportunity and prospect for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a discipline and its beneficiaries.

We help clients unbolt outstanding performance through four significant facets of Customer Relationship enhancement:



Before an organization can transform culturally, it must be readied, operationally. Our intensive research practices yield profound and targeted insights. These insights provide the foundation for a fresh internal dialogue about Customer Relationship and how it can be optimized.


Our consulting services address both an organization’s internal readiness and its external customer practices. We are master architects of Customer Experience, working in concert with our clients to redesign the customer’s journey through a brand, its offerings, and its front-facing staff.


Company-wide communication plans, experience guidelines, and performance measurement tools are just a sample of the communication components we develop and deploy to ensure company-wide alignment and a measurable commitment to customer centricity.


From one-on-one leadership coaching to organization wide educational sessions, our programs empower and inspire employees at all organizational levels to achieve exceptional results, improve the experience of every customer, and secure long-term, sustainable brand growth.

Our Vision

To explore and develop the globally accepted standards and best practices of CRM to make the enterprise customer oriented for exponential growth.

Our Mission

  • To help our associates accomplish their goals by providing highest quality of research, knowledge, learning and insights related to CRM.
  • To advance, reinforce, and endorse the industry in professional enlargement, development, and recognition and to create network of CRM professionals’ world-wide.
  • To establish a well-defined framework that pertains to strengthening of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) best-practices and culture in organizations.

Core Values


At CRMAA, we focus on the emergent trends in customer Relationship Management discipline.


We are dedicated at replicating the good for all so that overall optimizations are achieved!


Through our research oriented conducts and knowledge development, we ensure highest levels of professionalism in transferring the CRM.


We are always adaptive to the emergent market needs. In fact, this is one of our fundamental bases so that we can always sense the business leads and demands at the horizons.


we are passionate towards the best of efficiencies, satisfactions and professionalism.


The neutral tone of voice for customer Relations matters and CRM professionals.


To Provide pertinent, trustworthy, authoritative information and lore.


Encouraging ambition, striving for best practice and promoting learning and incessant development.


Open to all, whether organizations or individuals, who are working towards improving customer Relations, committed to parity and assortment.