S. No. Membership Benefits Corporate Institutional Professional / Individual
5 Individual Memberships 3 Individual Memberships 1 Individual Memberships
1 Discounted Access to:
Relationship Audit Tool
ICRMS (International Customer Relationship Management Standards) Certification
2 Nomination for Annual CRM Excellence Awards
3 Free:
Workshop for 2 employees once a year
Real time Customer Experience Assessment for 100 Customers
4 Discounted Offerings on:
Certified Loyalty Professionals through Loyalty Academy UK
Certified Customer Relationship Professional
CX University Certification
Certified Service Professionals from Service Strategies
SOCAP USA Certifications
CCXP Certfication
5 Discounted Access to the Assessment framework from:
SOCAP Customer Engagement Framework
6 Discounted Access to International Memberships of:
SOCAP International USA
Loyalty Academy UK
7 Discounted Access to:
Events (National / International)
Annual Summit of SOCAP International, USA
Annual Summit of Loyalty Academy UK
Live Streaming of Events
8 Access to:
Research Reports
White Papers
Theme Papers
Case Studies
Membership Directory
Benchmarking Surveys
9 Access to Newsletters:
Customer World
Customer First Journal
10 Nominations to Task Missions / Committees
11 Advertisement in Customer World
12 Opportunity to write Articles / Blogs in Customer World and CRM Magazine
13 Discounted Annual Subscription to Loyalty Guide worth $1695
14 Certificate of Origin
15 Membership of Customer Officers Network
16 Access to Customer Engagement Index of India
17 Access to Annual Sector Accreditation Report
18 Opportunity to create CRMAA local / regional chapter
19 Preference to join international Business Delegations inwards & outwards
20 Free access to Up-to-date reports and current content from leading analysts in the customer management space through our Partnership with CX Network
21 Networking Opportunity
22 Access to CRM Magazine