Customer-centric businesses recognise the magnitude of offering time and again outstanding commitment to engaging with their customer throughout the entire customer journey. However to ensure continues service uplift and improvement, clear vision, direction, assessment, accountability and responsibility is required. It is vital to make your stakeholders and subordinates understand the value and strategies of superior customer service and its affirmative impact on organisational performance and results.

As an independent and unbiased professional institution for customer service and relationship, CRMAA is committed to helping its members and associates in delivering improved service for enhanced performance and professionalism. CRMAA offers corporate membership for regional and national businesses across all sectors.

The CRMAA is equipped and geared up to facilitate you in developing a comprehensive customer relationship strategy and its roadmap, before designing our widely trusted engagement plan which ensure to meet the on-going needs of your customers, construct sustained improvements in service and improve business performance. By understanding your strategy and priorities, our competence will recommend an appropriate mix of insight and knowledge, tools, training and practical solutions for raising the customer service levels within the organisation to meet customer’s needs.

Corporate / Institutional Membership:

CRMAA will support you throughout the journey of becoming customer centric with an active involvement of the Advisory Board of CRMAA. CRMAA will ensure by walking through your organisation’s strategic objectives, their knowledge, expertise and insight to understand and reassure you for making the most out of your membership, using the right products and services to help you reach your goals. The corporate membership is open to the corporate obsessed for delivering the exceptional customer services. The Academic institutions and the nonprofit organisations are also eligible for the Institutional membership.


The investment you need to make:

  • Indian Corporate: INR 145,000/- Annually + taxes

  • Indian Academic / Non-Profit Institutions: INR 75,000/- Annually + taxes

  • International Corporate: $ 2500 Annually + taxes

Professional Membership:

The professional membership at CRMAA is helping the C-level Executives, vice presidents, directors, managers and professionals involved in customer service, experience, relationship, analytics, care and consumer affairs for achieving considerable success in their effort towards making them a customer-centric organisation. We provide our members – more than 900 professionals in India, with the tools and knowledge they need to find business solutions, increase customer engagement and take their teams to the next level of performance and our Members consider CRMAA as an investment towards their continued professional development. We ensure to provide you with the access to the latest learning, knowledge resources and tools in addition to exposing you to a network with a diverse group of industry professionals, which surely help you to grow further.


The investment you need to make:

  • Industry Professionals from India: INR 35,000/- Annually + taxes

  • Professionals other than India: $ 750 Annually + taxes

  • Associate Membership (for faculty and research scholars): INR 20,000/- Annually + taxes

  • Student Membership: INR 10,000/- Annually + taxes