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Welcome to YOUR learning journey in the customer experience discipline!

Our courses are designed to provide you with the most comprehensive CX materials while at the same time delivered to you in the most convenient modality. Our On-Demand courses are virtual learning centers where you delve into the CX material through online course delivery, videos, key CX articles, and learn-as- you-go activities. Read more below about the On-Demand courses and explore the course topics. CX University is proud to be the leader in CX training!.

  • 1
    CX 501: Customer Experience Strategy

    This course will introduce participants to the importance of crafting a customer experience strategy to better prepare a company to compete in its markets. This course will Read More

  • 2
    CX502: Customer Centric Culture

    This course builds upon the customer experience strategy course by exploring how internal processes can be developed to galvanize an organization’s assets to be focused o Read More

  • 3
    CX503: Organizational Adoption & Accountability

    This course will address how to overcome insular cultures, dysfunctional interactions and identifying internal handoffs that impact customers. Concepts and ideas on how to Read More

  • 4
    CX504: Metrics, Measurement & ROI

    This course will cover such issues as measuring customer touch points, feedback on these through their measurement and how the ensuing insights can be used for transformati Read More

  • 5
    CX505: Experience Design & Improvement

    This course will focus on the application of design principles in transforming organizations to focus on the customer. Experience design is beginning to occupy a central ro Read More

  • 6
    CX506: VOC, Customer Insight & Understanding

    This course will cover metrics that are now widely used to measure customer feedback. The focus in this course will be how to close the loop through insights garnered from Read More

  • 7
    The 6-Core Courses of Customer Experience

    Immerse yourself in the comprehensive and engaging CX Core Competency program that covers the 6 major areas of Customer Experience. Each of the 6 course modules covers a fo Read More