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Our customer experience guides give you a quick overview of some of the things to watch out for when thinking about your customer experience.

  • 5 what-experince
    What is Customer Experience?

    Customer experience as a concept has been around for over fifteen years now but it is still often confused with CRM or considered to be a fancy name for customer service…

  • 5 deliver-brand
    Delivering Your Brand Promise

    A high-level brand promise (sometimes called brand essence) is an articulation of what target customers can expect from their experience with an organisation…

  • 5 why-jobs
    Why Steve Jobs never listened to customers

    Steve Jobs famously didn‘t pay too much attention to customer research. And yet – or should that be because of – this refusal to pay much attention to what customers say they want…

  • 9 what-drives
    What Drivrs Customer Loyalty

    Almost every major company now conducts sophisticated customer research and analysis. And with good reason:…

  • 9 accelerating-customer-retention
    Accelerating Customer Retention

    But with only 27% of organizations defining their customer experience efforts as “very effective”1, great customer relationships are far from the norm. With many customer experience programs consisting of transaction-triggered surveys and…

  • 9 four-keys-of-customer-centric-organizations.compressed
    Four Keys of Customer-Centric Organizations

    Some brands get away with taking a casual approach to their customer experience. But, unless you’re one of those imaginary organizations, you’re probably not getting away with anything…

  • 9 the-corporate-love-master-2016
    The Corporate Love Meter 2016

    They are tired and unexciting relationships that will be easily stolen by a new shining suitor who will be willing to excite and delight the customer…