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  • Amit S. Chakrapani, Ph.D - Founder & Managing Director

CRM Vision – From Top to Down


Quite Often, CRM initiatives flows from the top to down. Senior management always expect to have reporting on sales, prospective sales, forecast, etc. and number of times, CRM is “sold as” the solution to this expectation.

I feel that CRM to a large extent is beyond this answer if designed like a strategy, it will provide you collective information about the customer’s needs and wants for helping you to design your product and services which solve their problem. However, over the time you are going to discover tried and true ways of developing and closing business by satisfying your customers. This intention of the top Management requires to be travelled across the organization in most effective manner to transform the human tendency of increasing sales by of any means.

While exploring the strategic alternatives of CRM strategy design and initiative you are required to be aware of the expectations and necessities of the senior management. The requirements must be aligned with the features and uniqueness of the products or service the company is selling. To meet these requirements of top management the front-line personnel is required to be informed fully about the thoughts and beliefs of the top management towards the customer service and relationship. The CRM initiatives require an active participation of the senior management as its involvement is extremely decisive. The cost swelling and implementation delays are avoidable and manageable with the active participation and involvement of the senior management.

Make sure that the senior management participates in CRM initiatives as the senior managers necessitate making the “tough” decisions and taking the call acceptable, desirable and unacceptable actions of the frontline employees. The success of this initiative is based and placed on the shoulders of the senior management towards the ROI of CRM initiative. At the end of the day, these senior managers are accountable for the success of your company’s CRM initiative: no-one else!


Amit S. Chakrapani, Ph.D - Founder & Managing Director

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Amit Chakrapani is CEO and Managing Director of CRM ACADEMY OF ASIA. He is responsible for all strategic activities for the company including membership engagement, expansions, strategic business planning, customer acquisition programs.

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