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CRMAA provides CRM/CX and Customer Service trainings solutions to Organizations, CRM/CX and Customer Service management practitioners / professionals. Explore our Training Modules for specialised trainings, workshops and seminars for managers, team leaders and frontline staff.

CRMAA- SQI collaboration

SQI in India is cooperation between US-based Service Quality Institute, a global leader which is helping organizations to keep customers, build market share and improve the performance of the entire work force by developing a culture of delivering superior customer service and CRMAA.

CRMAA and SQI tailor, personalizes, and customizes programs to any degree as per the needs of organizations. We will work with you to create a program that changes your employees’ attitudes and behaviours. These programs will build morale, teamwork and communication by empowering your employees.

By partnering with us you can expand your services offering and increase the level of customer service in your organization.

About SQI

Service Quality Institute has spent the last 40 years (longer than any other company in the world) developing customer service training programs.

Our programs are used by organizations around the world to improve customer service and in-turn increase repeat business, lower employee turnover, and increase profits.

Why Learn With CRMAA & SQI?

40 years of experience helping companies succeed.

1 million people trained using our system.

Tailored programs for motivating frontline employees.

Money saved and profits grown with great customer service.

  • BAD Month into operation
    Here are the tools needed to put BAD Month into operation.

    During BAD Month the employee is constantly reminded of the program. Streamers have gum backing for easy application.

  • The BAD guys are coming
    The BAD guys are coming.

    Thousands of organizations are involving employees in a program called BUCK-A-DAY. If you’re looking to cut costs, increase productivity, boost morale or open communications…

  • Coaching for Success
    Coaching for Success.

    A successful manager creates an environment where employees, from the highest performers to those struggling to achieve, understand that…

  • Creating a Service Culture
    Creating A Service Culture Why Use Service Quality Institute.

    Develop A Service Culture to Keep Customers, Build Market Share and Improve the Performance of Your Entire Workforce.

  • Service Exceptional
    Service Exceptional.

    To deliver exceptional services means you go beyond the customer’s expectaions, offering extraordinary and superior services

  • CRM - Feelings for Professionals
    Feelings for Professionals.

    Superior service from your entire organization sets the positive word-of-mouth process moving, and puts you in a league of your own!

  • A Total Involvement Campaign
    Feelings for Professionals.

    The Good idea campaign focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. It is a month-long special event that encourages everyone to seek out improvement opportunities and find
    ways to eliminate recurring problems.

  • Handling Irate Customers
    Handling IRATE Customers.

    Improve your interactions with everyone in your organization, from your customers and co-workers to your supervisors.

  • Instructional Design That Work
    Instructional design that works.

    Service quality institute has impacted millions of people over the years and worked with thousands of firms. our vision and purpose is to create results for our customers.

  • Leading empowered teams for service quality
    Leading empowered teams for service quality.

    • Clear standard for quality and customer service.
    • Strong commitment to meeting customer needs.

  • Loyal for Life
    Loyal for Life.

    • Help you develop world class service
    • Define service recovery
    • Master empowerment

  • Service First
    Service First.

    Service First is a powerful video-based training tool that makes it easier than ever to train any number of employess..

  • Speed

    Speed means dramatically shortening the time it takes to complete any task for customers and co-workers: Doing it fast, Doing it now—and Doing it right.

Our customer service training solutions - suitable for customer facing people, team leaders and managers - enable you to build a consistent culture of service across your organisation.