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  • Dipesh Tiwari

Customer Experience – The Most Essential Feature in 2017

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Surveys show that most companies identify Customer Experience (CX) as the single most exciting opportunity for their business in 2017. It is no secret that businesses that execute a solid customer experience strategy achieve better customer satisfaction figures and higher revenues. A research conducted by American Express found that around 60 percent of customers were willing to pay more for a superior experience.

What is Customer Experience?

So what exactly is customer experience?

Customer experience (CX) encompasses the interactions between a customer and a company throughout their business relationship. Interactions can include discovery, awareness, cultivation, offers, purchases and special services.

Customer Experience forms a very intrinsic part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). A customer who has a great experience with an organization is very likely to retain their services and be a long-term loyal customer. In simple words, if a business wants its customers to stay loyal, it has to invest in providing a scintillating customer experience! Happy customers always remain loyal.

If a business treats its customers poorly by providing below par services and ignoring their grievances, the company is sure to lose them in a jiffy. This is the reason why businesses constantly strive towards providing better services and customer experience to compete with their rivals effectively.

Customer Experience is different from Customer Service

A customer’s initial point of contact with any business is generally through an interaction with an employee, either physically at a store or talking on the phone or even communicating through instant chats. This situation calls for good customer service by the employee to ensure the customer becomes more interested. However, it must be kept in mind that customer service is only a part of the entire customer experience.

For example, say you have booked a holiday resort on the phone and the employee who helped you with the booking was friendly and polite and put all your worries to rest. That’s good customer service. Then, say, the resort upgrades your room and provides you with amazing complimentary offers. That’s a good customer experience.

Like many other business features nowadays, customer experience has also changed. It is now more than just a person-to-person service. Also with the advent of advanced technology, organizations can now connect and engage with their customers in new and exciting ways such as Social Media and Customized Apps.


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