Patient Experience Conclave & Awards

About Patient Experience Conclave & Awards

Our Patient Experience Conclave & Awards is a day-long event coming from both national and international organisations - all of whom are tasked with overseeing their organisation's Patient Experience strategy in order to completely transform the healthcare business in the long run.

The event also includes the release of our Research Report on the State of Patient Experience in India and the Patient Experience Awards Ceremony from 1800 hrs. onwards. 

Who are attending

    • Executive Leadership

    • Physician/Nurse Leadership

    • Patient Experience/Satisfaction Strategy & Delivery

    • Service Excellence

    • Patient and Family Advocacy

     Marketing/Community Outreach

    • Quality/Safety

    • Operations

    • HR/Organisation Development


The Summit aims to achieve the following outcomes:

     Meet the heightened expectations of today's empowered patient by sharing insights and strategies that create constantly improving levels of PX

     Enable a PX approach that works within a patient and family-centred culture and enables management with minimal but specific intervention processes

     Engage clinical and non-clinical staff in your PX strategy – and get a buy-in for its delivery across the entire value chain

    • Achieve a single view of the patient – and deliver consistent levels of experience

     Create patient and family advocates in the long-run

     Set down standards for Patient Experience and advise organisations on how to consistently deliver on those benchmarks



Date :
September 27th ,2019

Time :
0900 hrs – 2000 hrs

Price :
Rs. 15,000

Location :
Radisson Gurugram Udyog Vihar, Haryana (122016)

Summit Agenda

    Our Conclave Agenda will include panel discussions, fireside chats, keynotes, interactions and more on a varied mix of topics by experts and thought leaders, covering the following and more:

    · Identifying and Understanding your Customer

    · Journey from Patient Satisfaction to Patient Experience

    · The ROI of Patient Experience

    · Great Experiences need Great people: HR & L&D as an enabler to drive Patient Experience

    · Technology that drives Superior Patient Experience

    · Nursing Excellence for a great Patient Experience