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Customer Relationship & Experience
  • 21 February 2017

  • Amit Chakrapani

Customer Experience Between the lines


Amit Chakrapani

Remember the shopping experience that didn’t match your expectation last time. While trying to locate the reasons for this poor experience, you will find that may be the gift card or free shopping card presented to you over phone didn’t work though it was loaded to the phone. May be the sales person could not provide you the purchase points earned due to your previous purchases while paying for the current purchase. Or the same article or product was not found available in the store which was shortlisted online. Or it was at the time when you are offered the discounts just after the day of purchase of product from the same brand. Or it was during a vacation where the hotel over booked and denied your booking. As an instance these might look like minor misses but are the measureable and considerable reasons which add up to develop a perception about a brand promptly, good or bad.

Innovating the Standards for Customer Satisfaction

Technology is growing at an unmatchable speed, enhancing customer expectations even more speedily. This rapid change of technology has now enabled the brands to create connect with their customer because the brands know about their preferences throughout the set of touch points. This connect is serving and helping the brands in delivering the experience to their customers irrespective of the way how they shop which is more convenient, personal and delightful. 

The substantial grouping of physical and online shopping is changing the definitions of customer satisfaction rapidly. HBR has also endorsed that merely by delivering the better product or service does not result in to creating loyal customers. Rather it marginally enhances the satisfaction level of the customer for the time being. For sustaining the level of satisfaction among the customers, brands are required to explore the new bench – marks of Customer Satisfaction.

Amazon in India has changed the expectations of the customer right from their buying experience to delivery of the product. The same has been tried by Amazon Go in US which is technology based live shopping experience concept that eliminates the bill payment counters and records in store. Amazon’s free sign out experimentation is based on the technologies used for self-driving cars, Web check in, Sensor Fusion.

The Invisible Line: Physical and Digital Worlds

Although the customer is witnessing the invisible lines between physical and digital shopping experiences, where they can do online buying and collection at store, 2017 will bring the next levels of shopping experiences for which the brands need to ensure the availability and delivery of their products at right time. Though India has not witnessed this till now but the global experiences will pass through very fast to Indian Markets as well. This will force the brands to invest more on online and physical shopping experience together.

It has been a universally accepted fact that the brands miss customer expectations face its negative consequences including shared complaints and lost business. But 75 percent of consumer respondents expressed increased loyalty to those brands that bring an astounding experience.

As more and more brands get this right, pleasing and delighting customers with innovative methods with convenient, personalized, seamless access to the products and services will help the brands in attracting more customers, rewarding with increased use, repurchases and loyalty.