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Customer Relationship & Experience
  • 21 February 2017

  • Amit Chakrapani

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service


Amit Chakrapani

The company’s values for delivering outstanding customer service has made them multi billion company as in case of Zappos which guarantee to bring exceptional customer service. Business should be made and focused around delivering excellent customer service.

The technology has made it simple for all and sundry to share their experience of dreadful service on networks which travels to millions with in no time. Most interestingly the web is occupied of similar stories of terrible customer service. These stories actually provide a significant source of learning for those who want to overcome their problem in ensuring the excellent customer service to their customers. The customer service undoubtedly gives an advantage to company if it is delivered exceptionally thus there are few notable actions which can help in delivering the excellent service.

React as swiftly as possible

Speedy reaction is the most important element of customer service. There are situations which are highly perceptive and insist speedy reaction and retort irrespective of the action solving the problem fully or not.

The customer are frustrated more on account of non responsiveness rather than solution of their problem which is reported by Frost which states that 41% of the customers are frustrated due to the delayed response by the company rather than finding a speedy solution.

KYC – Know your customers

Unforgettable interactions initiate with knowing each other. The relationships with the customers are like developing your personal relations and for doing so knowing the customer before gathering information about his wants and needs is utmost important. The customers are obsessive about the personalization and sense pleased if called by name with a reference about the previous conversation.

Take responsibility of your mistake

Running away from your mistakes would bring new problems and in a battle to win from your customer you tend to lose your customer. It will not only dissatisfy the customer but also bring a bad reputation to you as service provider. Put your foot forward to accept your mistake and be straight forward in taking responsibility. Transparency is vital in business and customer service is no dissimilar.

Involve Customers in Product Design

The product you are selling is to be used by the customers. It is imperative that the customer’s view is taken in count while designing, naming, packaging and delivering of the product. Heading towards an extra mile for the customer will result in a grateful and pleased customer; it can also go a long way in terms of keeping yourself on their radar for future business.

Create customers for Life – plan long term

The objective of any business is serving customers. Customers are the purpose of any business and for maintaining a long lasting relationship a long term plan needs to be chalked out for creating a life time bond with the customers. If the long term objectives are favoring the customer centricty the customer will feel happy and will be loyal.

Customer service has a direct effect on both existing customers and impending customers. However, there is great value in ensuring you deliver an encouraging customer service.