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  • customer-retention-who-responsibility
    Customer Retention – Who’s Responsibility

    Vinay Bhardwaj

    Focus on getting new customer to pump up market share and increase sale is the prime forte for sales and marketing team of an organisation. Researchers have shown that organisations, in the name of customer retention, (more…)

  • customer-experience-between-the-lines
    21 February 2017
    Customer Experience Between the lines

    Amit Chakrapani

    Remember the shopping experience that didn’t match your expectation last time. While trying to locate the reasons for this poor experience, you will find that may be the gift card or free shopping card presented to you over phone didn’t work though it was loaded to the phone. (more…)

  • delivering-exceptional-customer-service
    21 February 2017
    Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

    Amit Chakrapani

    The company’s values for delivering outstanding customer service has made them multi billion company as in case of Zappos which guarantee to bring exceptional customer service. Business should be made and focused around delivering excellent customer service. (more…)

  • managing-and-measuring-customer-delight
    Managing and Measuring Customer Delight

    Dr. Matthias Gouthier

    In your opinion, how important is it to provide excellent service to the customers in car dealerships?

  • customer-service-benchmark-report
    Customer Service Bench Mark

    Super Office

    Loyal and happy customers are the lifeblood of any business. They contribute to a healthy business, create new customers and act as referrals for future customers.

  • service-is-the-new-sales
    Service Is The New Sales

    Rob Honts

    Companies continue to be more invested in acquiring new customers than in proactively retaining existing ones. That strategy worked in the past. But in the digital age, customer acquisition is just one factor of success.

  • Do-Dominos-stock-rewards-build-loyalty-370x200
    24 January 2017
    Do Domino’s stock rewards build loyalty?

    Rick Ferguson

    Late last year, US pizza chain Domino’s Inc. made news with a revamped reward program that rewards best customers with shares of the company’s stock. (more…)

  • CRM–Making-the-Complaints-Profitable-370x200
    24 January 2017
    CRM – Making the Complaints Profitable

    Amit S Chakrapani

    In today’s widely connected Internet-driven world, customers are more powerful than ever. The countless surveys have reveled that a satisfied customer can pass on the information about their superior experience with a few friends, whereas an annoyed customer will definitely tell more friends. (more…)

  • Top-CRM-trends-for-2017-370x200
    24 January 2017
    Top CRM Trends for 2017

    Dilpreet Singh

    There has been a lot of talk about CRM across all the industries and every company is taking an effort to have a robust CRM system but what exactly is this CRM? Some of the common definitions people have about CRM are like (more…)

  • The-2O15-Customer-Experience-Outlook
    The 2O15 Customer Experience Outlook

    Source : Kerry Bodine & Doberman

    And we’re always looking for new ideas to inspire our work. So we recently reached out to some of our favorite customer experience authors, designers, and industry leaders to find out what they were thinking about at the beginning of 2015.

  • Why-CX-Why-Now
    Why CX? Why Now?

    Source : Forrester

    Despite growing interest in the discipline, many business leaders still pay only lip service to customer experience (CX), leaving experience improvement either underfunded or on the cutting-room floor.

  • The-Customer-Experience-Ecosystem
    The Customer Experience Ecosystem

    Source : Forrester

    Despite Best Intentions, Firms Fail To deliver Great experiences Roughly two-thirds of US brands deliver experiences that range from just OK to downright poor.

  • crmasia-logo-370x200
    Does Customer Experience Really Drive Business Success?

    Source : Forrester

    It’s the age of the customer, when technology and economic forces have changed the world to such a great extent that an obsession with winning, serving, and retaining customers is the only possible response.

  • crmasia-logo-370x200
    Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices

    Source : Forrester

    Customer experience (CX) strategies that lack critical details lead to inconsistent execution and wasted effort.

  • crmasia-logo-370x200
    Predictions 2017: The CX Quality Split

    Source : Forrester

    The Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) leaders of 2015 barely improved in 2016, even as brands that had lagged behind caught up significantly.

  • 2015-UK-Consumer-Mobile-Payment-Study
    2015 U.K. Consumer Mobile Payment Study

    Source : Total System Services

    TSYS® is excited to publish its first research report exploring mobile payments (m-payments) in the U.K. The report includes information regarding U.K. consumer payment preferences and other insights.

  • The-New-Science-of-Customer-Emotions
    The New Science of Customer Emotions

    Source : Harvard Business Publishing

    When companies connect with customers’ emotions, the payoff can be huge. Consider these examples: After a major bank introduced a credit card for Millennials that was designed to inspire emotional connection, use among the segment increased by 70% and new account growth rose by 40%.

  • crmasia-logo-370x200
    Trends 2016: The Future Of Customer Service

    Source : Forrester

    In the age of the customer, executives don’t decide how customer-centric their companies are — customers do.

  • crmasia-logo-370x200
    CRM Suites For Midsize Organizations

    Source : Forrester

    In our 36-criteria evaluation of CRM suites for midsize organizations, we identified the most significant ones from 11 vendors — Aptean, bpm’online, Bullhorn, Infor, Microsoft, NetSuite, Oracle, Sage Software, Salesforce, SAP, and SugarCRM

  • Digital-Banking-Enhancing-Customer-Experience
    Digital Banking: Enhancing Customer Experience; Generating Long-Term Loyalty


    Digital modernization gives traditional banks a second chance. A smart, enterprise-wide approach positions them to deepen customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving long-term relationships and profitability. (more…)

  • customer-experience-management-the-new-playbook
    Customer Experience Management: The New Playbook for Indian Manufacturing Organizations


    In an era of fraying customer loyalty and tightening competition in the Indian market, manufacturers (more…)



    Telecommunication services form the foundation of our connected lives in the Digital World. Today, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have graduated from providing basic voice and telephony services to offering a host of entertainment and other value added services. (more…)

  • why-cx-why-now
    Why CX? Why Now?


    Despite growing interest in the discipline, many business leaders still pay only lip service to customer experience (CX), leaving experience improvement either underfunded or on the cutting-room floor. (more…)

  • ease-do-it
    19 December 2016
    Easy does it

    Anil V.Pillai

    A rather clever and interesting experiment, led by Michael Treadway at Vanderbilt University, sheds light on what we, perhaps intuitively always knew.

    Humans hate effort.

    The experiment is an insight as to why we humans hate effort. What exactly does happen in our brains as we tussle, hem and haw between effort and indulgence? (more…)

  • CRMASIA - Training and Workshop
    CRM – Important for Indian Companies?

    This is the first time in the history of industry that the spending on customer relationship management tools is going to outdo enterprise resource planning tools. Analysts say that the spending on CRM will be $36.5 billion next year, $1.5 billion more than ERP. One would wonder why the sails of CRM took so long to capture glory. One would also wonder why corporations have taken so long to make this happen. (more…)

  • the-fruition-of-customer-service-1
    The Fruition of Customer Service

    Customer expectations are evolving and customers are more vocal and willing to share both when something is good and something is bad. Customer service is also evolving, frankly, in order to keep pace with customers; but is the pace fast enough? The pace of the change; driven by customers, is accelerating because the social web (commerce and network) (more…)

  • CRMASIA - Training and Workshop
    Is Apple losing the battle for customer loyalty?

    According to Business Insider, Apple’s long-envied lock on iPhone user loyalty is eroding. With retention rates in China in particular falling off the cliff, is Apple’s aura of invulnerability finally dimming? If so, is there a way forward for a company so long dependent on game-changing products to retain their best customers? (more…)

  • ba-takes-off-test-and-score
    BA Takes off – Test and Score

    This article attracted large number of people when it got published. It plays to the core of the issue with Customer Experience which, ultimately, is about providing on the customer expectation that varied brands have actively fostered. Since the pioneer post British Airways had officially declared that the food will be chargeable on short run flights– so I was exactly at the right place and have now updated this post to reveal this recent news! (more…)

  • good-customer-experience-includes-all-5-senses-012
    Has your CX Strategy tapped the Blue Ocean?

    Customers are central to the success of a company. Period. And what we’ve discovered over the last couple decades is that the more we focus on customers, with a distinct purpose of improving their experiences, the more it leads to positive performance outcomes- revenues, profitability, shareholder value, among the hard ones, and loyalty, word of mouth or word of “mouse” buzz, among the soft ones.


  • good-customer-experience-includes-all-5-senses
    Good Customer Experience Includes All 5 Senses

    Mohamed Latib, Ph.D CEO, CX University, Advisory Board Member, CRM Asia

    With the increasing focus on customer experience as a competitive differentiator, many companies should adopt design principles based on human senses to create a ‘gestalt’ experience, one in which all the senses are engaged. (more…)

  • what-is-ailing-loyalty-rewards-programs-today
    What is ailing loyalty rewards programs today?

    Customer loyalty and engagement can make or break companies, and as such, loyalty rewards programs represent strategic investments for all types of organizations. We would guess that you and possibly every adult you know is enrolled in some form of loyalty program. (more…)

  • CRMASIA - Training and Workshop
    Study shows several critical failures in many loyalty platforms

    Many of the 50+ customer loyalty platforms examined in a new study are failing to provide the functionality required to meet the demands of running an effective loyalty programme in today’s marketplace, according to Mike Atkin, Chairman and Founder Member of the Customer Strategy Network LLC. (more…)

  • productivity-tips-for-customer
    #13 Productivity Tips For Customer Service Professionals

    A career in customer service is one that is both challenging and quite rewarding. In order for any individual to excel in their chosen career paths, they need to be pro-ductive in job roles they are assigned. From my experience, the most successful peo-ple are also the most productive, they have mastered how to make the most of what they have in terms of resources, time and opportunity.


  • CRMASIA - Training and Workshop
    4 November 2016
    Building a design-driven culture

    It’s not enough to just sell a product or service-companies must truly engage with their customers. Here’s how to embed experience design in your organization.


  • checklist-for-executives
    19 September 2016
    Checklist for Executives to Serve In the Arena of Digital Customer.

    A recent report shows that the internet was accessed every day by 78 per cent of adults in Great Britain in 2015 and that 96 per cent of adults aged 16 to 24 accessed the internet from mobile devices. Market leaders know it too and are harnessing communication and collaboration technologies to enable new ways to interact, exchange information and better serve the customer.


  • become-a-great-customer
    19 September 2016
    5 Ways to Become a Great Customer Service Manager

    Great Customer Service managers are excellent at what they do because they have a certain mindset in dealing with customers. If you want your company to offer service that wows your customers and makes them sing your praises, you need to have this mindset from the minute you are hired. 


  • human-resources
    19 September 2016
    CX & Human Resources: Time to Get Connected

    When organizations don’t implant CX into key HR processes like hiring, training, and rewards and recognition, they miss a key opportunity to foster an environment that enables employee CX success.


  • americam-express
    19 September 2016
    Indian consumers highly impatient with customer service executives: Study

    If you have been using foul language on the customer service associate threatening to switch to competition, you aren’t the only one to do so. In fact, 64% of Indians lose their temper with a customer service executive, far higher in comparison to an average of 48% in other markets, says a survey that highlights the rising importance of customer service in the country.


  • is-flipkart
    19 September 2016
    Is Flipkart turning into the perfect example of what a tech startup must not do?

    Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal recently made it to Time magazine’s “100 most influential” list. The timing of this recognition could not have been more ironic, though.


  • the-call-for-pace
    26 August 2016
    Customer Service: The call for pace

    “Today’s consumers want pace and ease, but they also want a immense customer experience.” –Dr. Amit Chakrapani


  • are-you-aware
    26 August 2016
    Are You Aware of Your Customers’ Pain (Points)?

    A study finds that agent knowledge is the biggest customer service headache. Recently, Forrester Research asked 6,000 consumers, “What created the biggest pain when you contacted a business for customer service?” The lack and consistency of agent information turned out to be the biggest culprit, according to the findings followed by the difficulty of finding relevant answers on company websites.


  • how-many-employees
    26 August 2016
    How Many Employees Does It Take to Break the Customer Experience?

    Just one.

    And unfortunately for most organizations, the customer experience is breaking or splintering hundreds if not thousands of times daily – from how customers are greeted, to differences and inaccuracies in the information they receive depending on the channel, department or individual they connect with.


  • first-call-from-a-customer
    26 August 2016
    1st Call from a Customer Is the Most Important

    If repeat business is your goal, good customer service is essential. According to a recent survey, one bad customer service call will send most customers away permanently. Since repeat customers bring in more money than new customers on average, it’s important that businesses find ways to nurture their existing buyers and this includes the customer service phone call.


  • customer-experience-in-indian
    26 August 2016
    Customer Experience in Indian Context

    Gandhi was an inspiring leader for India in various walks of life, including his views on customers. He once said:


  • four-reasons-CRM
    02 August 2016
    4 Reasons CRM is misunderstood by companies….

    It has been 15 years since Gartner notably reported in 2001 that 50 percent of all customer relationship management (CRM) implementations were measured failures, and various studies since then affirm the fact that sales forces are still not happy with CRM. In fact, all of the most successful sales forces in the world are working intensely to improve CRM’s impact on their businesses.


  • will-Shoppers-shell-out
    02 August 2016
    Will Shoppers shell out more money for high-quality Customer Relationship?

    The rise of the knowledgeable consumer means that today’s interactions between retailers and shoppers have to offer more than just showy advertising, a product, brochure, or price tag, believes Dr. Amit Chakrapani, managing director at CRM Academy of Asia.


  • simplicity-day
    02 August 2016
    Simplicity Day # The role of social media in your customer experience management plan

    The world of social media can be a hard one to navigate. The surplus of trending topics and hashtags provide a numerous opportunities in terms of engagement, but companies cannot easily choose which ones to focus on, and which will create the most significance with their clientele.


  • customer-experience-revolution
    02 August 2016
    Customer Experience revolution: Linking your employee with customer idea

    Having a clear customer idea has proven essential for the customer experience revolution of top Indian brands. It gives them a focal point and a clear objective, meaning that there is something concrete for its employees to ‘get behind’ in order to drive change.


  • 4
    17 May 2016

    The concept of personalization implies a relationship between customers and a business or organization. Customers offer information about themselves trusting that it will be used in the appropriate manner. The business or organization agrees to keep this information confidential and uses it for relevant and individualized services.


  • 3
    16 May 2016

    Customer relationship management (CRM) vendors continue to add social media functionality to their products. These features bring excellent value to your CRM, with Nucleus Research reporting a 26.4 percent sales productivity (more…)