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    Generation CX

    Source : Generation CX

    Generation X or Gen Xers is the name given to the generation of Americans born between 1961 and 1980.

  • 25-skills-for-excellent-customer-service
    25 skills for excellent customer service

    Source : Eye Candy

    Develop these skills to excel in any customer service position, regardless of your responsibility, your industry or the type of customer you are working with each day.

  • road-safety-what-the-indian-customer-wants-and-is-it-enough
    Road Safety – What the Indian Customer Wants and is it enough?

    Source : J.D. Power

    Consumer’s demands for active safety features in their cars have gone up significantly over the past five years indicating increasing acceptance of these safety technologies.

  • barclaycards-5-big-bets-of-customer-experience
    Barclaycard’s 5 Big Bets of Customer Experience

    Source : CX Network

    Customers want resolutions to their issues and Malton said that they realised that they didn’t live up to this. To overcome this challenge, they used analytics to ensure that customers who needed specific, more complicated, issues solved were assigned to more senior staff members.

  • top-customer-experience-trends-and-challenges-from-the-last-12-months
    Top Customer Experience Trends and Challenges From the Last 12 Months

    Source : CX Customer Experience Network

    Capturing customer data and insight has been a key focus for CX leaders in helping them meet rising customer expectations.

  • how-should-you-be-engaging-with-cem-telecoms-professionals
    How should you be engaging with CEM in Telecoms Professionals?

    Source : CX Network

    As a customer experience solution provider to the telecoms industry, it can be challenging to get that first foot in the door, and even more so to navigate the internal DMU

  • top-5-customer-experience-trends-2015-vs-2016
    Top 5 Customer Experience Trends 2015 vs 2016

    Source : CX Network

    Whatever your key focus is in 2016, one thing is clear: CX needs to be an integral part of your company strategy from top-to-bottom to achieve true customer experience excellence.