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  • Digital-Customer-Experience-Trends
    Digital Customer Experience Trends, 2017
    Source : Forrester

    In 2016’s edition of this report about digital customer experience (CX) trends, Forrester identified the rise of conversational interfaces and concierge services. In this year’s report, we examine how those trends are playing out and highlight two new ones gaining momentum as we enter 2017: 1) artificial intelligence (AI), voice, and biometric capabilities further transforming user interfaces and 2) companies becoming more disciplined in their innovation efforts

  • Customer Service Strategy
    Customer Service Strategy 2015 – 2018
    Source : Surf Coast Shire Council

    Surf Coast Shire Council is committed to providing customers with excellent and consistent customer service. Council is firm in the belief that customer service is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Customer-Experience-White-Paper
    Customer Experience White Paper
    Source : HCL

    A successful eCommerce platform enables companies to drive revenue and opportunity growth globally, deliver compelling and convenient new offerings for customers, and underpin significant service quality improvements. It also has the potential to drive

  • Improving the Customer Experience
    Improving the Customer Experience

    Customer perception of transit service is traditionally informed by the agencies’ ability to run trains and buses frequently, on time and without disruption. Today more than ever, transit agencies are striving to provide more than this basic service; they aim to grow and diversify their customer base by providing a convenient, attractive and comfortable transit experience – so good, in fact

  • Mindtree-digitalInsights-into
    Mindtree digital: Insights into consumer engagement in hospitality
    Source : White Paper

    The consumer is at the center of dramatic changes, wrought by technology, in the hospitality industry. Mindtree digital dives into the heart of behavioral motivations of hospitality consumers to extract insights that must shape the consumer engagement technology of the near future.

  • Customer Experience & Retention for Private Health Insurance
    Customer Experience & Retention for Private Health Insurance
    Source : Energesse

    The ‘Future Solutions in Customer Experience and Retention for Private Health Insurance’’ White Paper has been developed to help Australian health insurers deliver a greater customer experience and customer retention. This paper, based on extensive research, is intended for CEOs

  • World Economic Forum White Paper Digital Transformation of Industries: Consumer Industries
    World Economic Forum White Paper Digital Transformation of Industries: Consumer Industries
    Source : World Economic Forum

    There is widespread recognition among leaders in most industries that the role of digital technology is rapidly shifting, from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption.

  • Simplifying the Business
    Simplifying the Business
    Source : StB

    The StB Think Tank started in 2011 to rethink the StB program following the completion in 2010 of the first series of projects: e-ticket, bar-coded boarding passes, common-use self-service kiosks, and the baggage improvement program.

  • driving-growth-customer-centricity
    Driving Growth Through Customer Centricity
    Source : Dunnhumby

    The dunnhumby Customer Centricity Index (CCI) identifies the key drivers behind a customer’s likelihood to buy repeatedly from a particular retailer and their desire to recommend the retailer to friends and family. It establishes a direct link between customer centricity and improved financial performance.

  • digital-the-new-normal-marketing
    Digital: the new normal of Marketing
    Source : KPMG

    I am very happy to present this Report from Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and KPMG, on Digital- The New Normal of Marketing! This Report takes a close look at current state of digitzation in the country and shift of consumers from traditional to digital space.

  • customer-effort-impact-brand-relationship
    Customer Effort and its Impact on Brand Relationship
    Source : Support

    Much of consumer technology is designed to serve a purpose – from
    entertaining to making life easier or more productive – but often the customer
    experience of researching, purchasing, setting up and using technology
    products can be challenging.

  • benchmark-report
    Benchmark Report
    Source : Vidyard

    Businesses are embracing online video as a more personal and engaging way to connect with audiences in an increasingly digital word. 2016 saw significant milestones in the
    use of online video. Mass consumption by consumers to the tune of 20+ billion video views per day across Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube alone is driving adoption within business to address shifting expectations.

  • customer-effort-help-hype
    Customer Effort: Help or hype?
    Source : Henley Business School

    Customer effort research has been around since the 1940s but it wasn’t until the 2010 article ‘Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers’ in Harvard Business Review (HBR) [1] that the debate on effort began to gain some momentum.

  • a-meta-analysis
    Factors Influencing the self service technologies
    Source: SAGE

    To facilitate efficient and effective service delivery, firms are introducing self-service technologies (SSTs) at an increasing pace. This article presents a meta-analysis of the factors influencing customer acceptance of SSTs.

  • emotional-convergence-service-relationships-shared-frontline-experience-customers-employees
    Emotional Convergence in Service Relationships: The Shared Frontline Experience of Customers and Employees
    Source : SAGE

    The literature establishes that customer and frontline employee (FLE) emotions converge during their encounters as a result of a transient, contagion-based process in which emotions flow from one actor to another.

  • crmasia-logo-370x200
    Is Customer Centricity A Movement Or Myth Opening The Debate For HR
    Source : CPHR

    Much debate has surrounded the influence that Customer centricity should have on the strategy, business model and organisational structure that organisations adopt in order to achieve business success.

  • Addressing-The-Next-Generation-of-CX-Disruptors
    Addressing The Next Generation of CX Disruptors & Success Factors
    Source : WBR Digital

    Over the last several years, brands have been searching for an edge in the multichannel world they now inhabit.

  • BB-Future-customer-service
    Future customer service
    Source : BAIN & COMPANY

    What can it mean when a five-star hotel chain authorises its staff to spend
    up to 1,250 pounds each to tackle problems affecting customer service?

    Source : Trend Watching

    Receiving great customer service triggers the same cerebral reactions as feeling loved.

  • Digital-Signage-The-future-of-Customer-Experience
    Digital Signage – The future of Customer Experience
    Source : Happiest Minds Technologies

    In today’s world, customers are more sophisticated and tech savvy than ever before and this behavior has caused a massive
    disruption in the way they shop. Businesses are continuously facing the challenge of getting their attention, keeping
    them interested and lastly,

  • Managing-Customer-Experience-Strategies-for-Success
    Managing Customer Experience: Strategies for Success
    Source : TATA Consultancy Services

    The ways in which customers interact with retailers and service providers have diversified. With customers demanding proactive, real time, and consistent responses irrespective of the channel and geography, providers are rethinking the ways of managing customer experience (CE).

  • Building-A-Great-Customer-Experience-to-Develop-Brand
    Building A Great Customer Experience to Develop Brand Increase Loyalty and Grow Revenues
    Source : CREATIVE GOOD

    TheWeb is an intimidating, foreign environment to many customers. Pages are a jungle of links, buttons, forms, blinking graphics, and baffling jargon.

  • Analytics-in-CRM
    Analytics in CRM
    Source : EVRY

    Customers have grown accustomed to personalized solutions in many industries
    and expect the same from financial services providers.

  • Customer-Relationship-Management
    Customer Relationship Management
    Source : T Systems

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) addresses these new demands. Effective CRM is all about focusing on customer needs across all actions and touchpoints.

    Source : APTEAN

    Companies need to take a strategic and informed approach
    to their customer relationships and CRM selection. Over the
    years, some companies have spent large sums on CRM only to have it fail to deliver the results they had hoped for.

  • CRM-White-Paper
    CRM Services White Paper
    Source : Infinity eServices

    Businesses grow when they maintain healthy relationships with their customers. Infinity’s Dynamics business solutions are designed for service industries

  • how-to-capitalise-on-the-digital-disruption
    How to Capitalise on the Digital Disruption Imapacting Customer Experience
    Source : CX Network

    What is Digital Disruption?
    When you search for the meaning of digital disruption online, you’ll find as many different answers as there results. It affects organisations (and individuals) in a variety of ways and they have diffrent opinions about the meaning and impact of this industry buzzword on their business and role.

  • 7-key-steps-for-customer-experience
    7 Key Steps for Customer Experience Leaders to Gain Senior Management Buy-In
    Source : CX Network

    It seema so simple. There is a huge customer need and you have a solution. Getting money to fix it should be easy, right? Unfortunately, that fairy tale world isn’t the one of the most customer experience practitioners live in. Most of us are fighting for dollars against everything, from data security needs to fundational operation requirements to whatever product is being deemed as new, innovative and a ‘must’ to fund.

  • the-evolution-of-financial-services
    The Evolution Of Financial Services
    Source : The Exchange

    The latest Consumer Action Monitor from UK regulator Ombudsman Services, show that British consumers complained more then 66 million times about products or services in a singal year, equating to a staggering 1.4 per person living in Britain.

  • making-memories
    Making Memories Report
    Source : KPMG Nunwood

    The decision we make in life are based on memories – about experiences. the creation of positive memorable experiences. The creation of positive memorable experiences is becoming the new battleground in improving customer value.

    Our research in boyh of the US and the UK has shown that leading firms now understand this, and that delivering memorable customer experiences…

  • digital-payment-report
    Digital Payment Report
    Source : Accenture

    A strong foundation is in place for digital payments-and there is no turning back. Consumer awareness is at an all-time high. First movers are already avid users. Standardized technology is taking confusion out of transactions. Tokenization is securing data. Many functional aspects of digital payment are working well. Yet is not enough for consumers. They were more.

  • the-salespreneur
    The Salespreneur
    Source : Pipelinersales

    As described in great detail in our Pipeliner Philosophy Ebook Trilogy (The Pipeliner Selling System, Theory Made Real, Philosophy Into Action), Pipeliner CRM is built on sound principles of management and entrepreneurship stemming back some 150 years. In this white paper, I will be using these principles to illustrate what a salesperson must be to survive in the 21st century.

  • partner-research-report
    The 2016 State of DIGITAL CONTENT
    Source : Altimeter

    To understand how brands are using content to achieve business goals and deliver on customer needs, we surveyed over 500 content strategists in North America and Europe across major industry verticals including IT, retail, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare.

  • four-strategies-for-improving-first-call-resolution
    Four Strategies for Improving First Call Resolution
    Source : Nuance

    In today’s new era of customer service, you must achieve the seemingly impossible—improve the experience while simultaneously reducing costs. One key metric, first call resolution (FCR), can give you a clear window into how to achieve these—by properly addressing a customer’s need
    the first time they call.

  • CRMASIA - Training and Workshop
    Source : BPM’ONLINE

    Namu Travel deployed Bpm’online to retire a proprietary, in-house CRM application that limited business expansion due to inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

  • how-to-tackle-the-customer-experience-industrys-biggest-challenges
    How to Tackle the Customer Experience Industry’s Biggest Challenges
    Source : CX Customer Experience Network

    Our Global State of Customer Experience 20161 report highlights key CX trends, challenges and investments for the next 12-18 months, as well as providing insights into the digital transformation of organisations, and who the industry leaders are.

  • the-customer-experience-revenue-growth-equation-holds-true-in-europe
    The Customer Experience Revenue Growth Equation Holds True In Europe
    Source : Forrester

    Recent research by Forrester in the US showed that superior customer experience (CX) drives superior revenue growth when customers are free to switch their business and competitors offer differentiated CX. Does that relationship hold true in Europe as well?

  • connecting-customers-to-a-deeper-conversation
    Connecting Customers to a Deeper Conversation
    Source : Lexmark

    In our digital age there has been a lot of talk about the importance of engaging with your customers on their preferred communication channel. But there has also been limited clarity on how to proceed in a way that both simplifies your efforts and best leverages your dynamic content to optimize each delivery channel.

  • cx-network
    What is the Role of the Chief Digital Officer in a Saturated C-Suite?
    Source : CX Network

    Zarina de Ruiter graduated with a BA in Journalism in the Netherlands, before embarking on a global journey, working in offices from North America to Australia, and landing in the United Kingdom in 2010. She worked for a magazine publisher and TV producer in London for four years,

  • 8-mega-customer-service-trends-for-2016
    8 Mega Customer Service Trends for 2016
    Source : CRM Academy of Asia

    Ambitious companies that want to thrive in today’s marketplace must focus on delivering exceptional customer service. To win and retain customers, businesses must differentiate themselves from the competition,

  • Delivering-Service-at-the-Speed-of-Customers
    Delivering Service at the Speed of Customers
    Source : 1to1Media

    Connecting with the empowered mobile and social customer requires companies to achieve three core competencies: the power to engage, the power to simplify, and the power to change.

  • Engage-Employees-1to1media-In-Action-FINAL-070416
    Employee Engagement: Unleashing the Power of Empowerment
    Source : 1to1Media

    Providing employees with the tools and techniques they need to get their jobs done and address customer issues effectively can bolster employee happiness, improve the customer experience, and drive better business performance.

  • Emotional-SignatureR-Whitepaper-The-role-of-emotions-in-Customer-Experience
    Emotional Signature® (ES) – The role of emotions in Customer Experience
    Source : Beyond Philosophy

    A model to understand and quantify the effects of emotion on the Customer Experience, Brand, Loyalty and other behavioural (e.g., Spend, Tenure) and attitudinal indicators (e.g. Customer Satisfaction)

  • ebook-customer-experience-benchmark-research-report-2015
    Customer Experience BENCHMARK RESEARCH REPORT 2015
    Source : Teletech

    Do customers and businesses have the same priorities when it comes to customer experience (CX)? The answers have a big impact on current and future business decisions. Research from TeleTech found that while in some cases both groups align, in others, they are miles apart.

  • 20-20-customer-experience
    20:20 Customer Experience
    Source : IBM

    If you could wave a magic wand and produce the ideal experience for your customers, what sort of experience would it be? The Customer Experience Study 20051 (“the Study”), based on research conducted by IBM in conjunction with OgilvyOne worldwide™, sought to answer this question.

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    Are You Listening? Why Your Customer Experience Program Will Fail Without the Voice of the Customer
    Source : ConfirmIT

    This white paper from Confirmit looks at why customer experience programs need to include the Voice of the Customer and discusses key requirements to ensure that voice speaks clearly.

  • 2
    Why the Bank Customer Experience Matters
    Source : Market Force

    The Great Recession has stunned consumers and made many skeptical of their banks and their motives. Winning customers and keeping them loyal is imperative. Satisfied customers refer. They add products to their financial portfolio. They are the lifeblood of banking, and drive the bottom line.

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    Market Report: Digital Marketing Trends 2016
    Source : CX Network

    There’s no denying that we live in a digitally-focused world. Internet traffic has increased fivefold in the last five years alone and is set to double again by 2019, and by 2020 Millennials are predicted to spend $1.4 trillion annually (a third of all retail sales). As Millennials are the first true digital generation, to receive just a nugget of that $1.4 trillion, companies must shift to a fully integrated digital approach now.

  • _BJa0ncxnreportcontactcentreoutsourcing_001
    Market Report: The Ultimate Guide to Contact Centre Outsourcing – Current Trends and Future Outlook
    Source : CX Network

    Outsourcing has gone hand in hand with call centres for decades. Whether for budgetary reasons entirely, to provide a better service or to reap efficiency gains, many large organisations have opted for outsourcing their call centre function at one point or another.

  • 3
    Lessons from the Leading Edge of Customer Experience Management

    CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT—the collection of processes an organization uses to manage customer interactions across the enterprise—is more important than ever. The days of the single customer touch point are long gone.