The CRM Asia and Crave INC have completely customized our training programmes to address the needs, problems and opportunities that are unique to every organization and the customers they serve. Our Unique Soul of The Customer® Certification delivers the training on following verticals:
  • Customer Service Skills Team Training

  • Customer Experience Management Training

  • Events, Off-sites, On-sites and Online Training

After three years of researching his book What Customers Crave, founder Nicholas Webb realized that the customer experience industry was still using methods that were created back in the 1970s. In the connected economy, Nicholas realized that organizations needed to apply innovation and design principles to the way in which they create exceptional customer experiences… so the journey began and cravve was founded. We are very different than the competitive field in the area of customer experience. We are first and foremost strategists, as we do not sell software, data analytics or any other products to our clients. This allows us to be completely agnostic so that we can prescribe the most affordable and effective solutions to our customers that deliver proven and measurable value. We are Certified Management Consultants that understand all of the working parts of an enterprise. This allows us to work very effectively across the various organizational silos including finance, IT, marketing, logistics and operations. As thought leaders in the area of enterprise management, innovation and customer experience we have a massive body of research that ensures that we deliver exceptional returns on investment.
We deliver very personalized service and every team member is an owner and therefore highly vested in the quality that we provide. Were not about charts and graphs and 300 page reports. We focus on delivering measurable results to help our organization’s lead their industry in customer satisfaction, retention and excellence… plain and simple
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