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Rapid changes in trends and technology are driving increasing evidence linking improved
quality of Patient Experience to better business outcomes. Empower yourself
and your organisation at our Patient Experience Conclave &
Awards Event and make the transformation.

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    Knowledge Report

    Highlights from our latest research on Customer Experience undertaken for Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam.
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    Patient Experience Conclave & Awards

    Our Patient Experience Conclave & Awards offers insights and learning that will completely transform your patient care offering and deliver better business results. Know more here

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    Customer Experience Quotient Assessment

    Take our CX Quotient Self-Assessment for free. Benchmark your CX competency levels. Proudly brought to you CRM Academy of Asia and our partner CX University, USA. Know more here



“CRMAA measures and leads by example providing stellar customer care to their partners and I would recommend them to any financial institution that is serious about measuring and improving customer service and increasing sales to give them a call.”

~ Vikas Gujral
Chief Operating Officer, Max Bupa Health Insurance

“CX Audit and Benchmark helps us measure the Customer Experience tendencies of our customers and to compare our scores to our competitors. A great value offering !”

~ Dharmender Narang
Sr. Vice President, IIFL

“Our commitment to providing customers with outstanding service is one of our most important core values. With the assistance of our partner, CRMAA ,we regularly monitor our customers’ service quality experience and look for ways to improve our delivery. Their customer-based methodology is a proven system for measuring feedback. We are quite pleased with the support we receive from the CRMAA team, and look forward to our continued association.”

~ Ruchin Mittal
Sr. Vice President, DBS Bank India

“Customer Strategies Summit is a fantastic opportunity to stop and step outside an insular approach to listen and understand the huge array of opportunities and innovation being created by others within the their sector and in turn sharing and acting upon this wonderful insight received back in the day job!”

~ Rajesh Bhanot
Chief Customer Officer, Yatra Online

“The exchange of ideas and knowledge at CS talk has been a fascinating insight into driving customers experience to a new level !“

~Anish Ahuja
Head - Customer Service, Whirlpool India